Why AMC?

Since its inception the Animal Medical Clinic has focused on providing the best possible medical care for your pet.
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Why Choose Animal Medical Clinic?

Since its inception the Animal Medical Clinic has focused on providing the best possible medical care for your pet. We continually evaluate every part of our animal clinic to be certain we can offer you the very best in medicine and surgery to get your companion back on their feet as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we never forget the intimate bond you have with your pet, so we emphasize communication and openness during and after treatment. Consider the areas described below when you choose a doctor for your pet’s care.


We think our doctors are pretty smart of course, but that’s not enough for us. In addition to the required continuing education all doctors must complete, our doctors spend several days a year on Clinical Update Days, where they spend the day working one-on-one with various board certified specialists to learn the latest techniques that may benefit your pet. They also have access to dozens of specialists through our online consultation process, and can quickly get advice from some of the best doctors in the veterinary profession. We often do immediate consultations with the other veterinarians in the clinic for a quick second opinion. Our doctors spare no effort to find the information they need to help your pet.

Nursing Staff:

AMC has always had Certified Veterinary Technicians, equivalent to human RNs, leading our patient care teams. They are highly trained, with at least an associate degree in animal nursing care. These are the people who supervise and perform the hands on care of your pet, and it is comforting to know that your pet has the best nursing staff at their disposal, whether in the hospital or at home receiving care.


With the incredible advances in medicine we understand that we can’t do it all. But we know people who can. If your pet requires expertise or equipment that we cannot provide, from orthopedic surgery to an MRI, we are always happy to enlist the help of specialists. All of our referrals are to specialists board certified in their field. Many of our referral specialists are in the Tampa Bay area, and we also utilize the University of Florida Veterinary School as the situation dictates. It is comforting to know that if your pet needs advanced care we can provide it through our network of specialty doctors.