Cat Friendly and AMC 

A place for cats.

cat friendly

Why Choose Animal Medical Clinic?

AMC is a Cat Friendly Practice. We make extra effort to make our practice a better place to bring your cat and are certified as a Cat-Friendly Clinic by the Association of Feline Practitioners. We’re waiting to show you the difference a cat-friendly practice makes! Here are some of the reasons your cat will enjoy coming to AMC.

cat friendly
  • No-Wait Check-in. When you come for your appointment we’ll get you right into a quiet exam room, so there’s no stress of a busy noisy wait room. You can complete any paperwork in a comfortable setting, and when you are done we’ll check you out right in the exam room. Then, we’ll check to see that there are no dogs sniffing about on the way out, and you’ll head right out to your car.
  • Cats Only. We have one exam room just for cats. No dogs are allowed, so there are no canine odors to upset your cats
  • Smart Docs. Our clinic is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, so we’re up to date on the latest in care and treatment of your cat.
  • Trained staff. Our staff have all gone through extra training in handling cats, and use special techniques to make your cat’s visit as stress-free as possible.
  • Sit and stay. As much as possible, we perform procedures in the exam room. Moving about the clinic is stressful for cats, and when possible we take samples and do treatments in the exam room in your presence.
  • Before you bring your cat to the clinic, be sure to read our tips for Bringing Your Cat to AMC, making the car ride and clinic visit less stressful for you and your cat. And to learn more about your cats’ health, look at our Cat Smart page, where you’ll find links to other informative websites.